Each song here is a meticulously carved and handsomely crafted piece of sonic confection, easy on the ears but dutifully dressed in a menagerie of multicolored, psychedelic hues that gleam and glisten like dewdrops on a steamy summer’s morning. Watch closely, fellow indie-poppers, for the Lizard will swiftly assume their rightful position in that piece of the musical cosmos most often frequented by Tame Impala, Animal Collective, and Vampire Weekend in no time flat.”
— Paul Boylson / Captain Sound
If you’re going to name your band Cartoon Lizard, you’d better know what you’re doing. And what kind of weirdness people expect from you. This Victoria indie-pop outfit clearly gets it. And delivers on both counts.
— Darryl Sterdan / Tinnitist
A cool mixture of ‘60s influenced psychedelic sunshine pop and intricately arranged baroque pop with ever shifting chord structures
— David Bash / IPO Festival Founder

Cartoon Lizard is a five piece psychedelic pop outfit based out of Victoria, BC. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer so they hold a strong emphasis on careful collaboration in shaping each song to it’s fullest potential. Their songs are intricately arranged, multi-coloured compositions designed to appeal on a surface level as well as reward those who unearth it’s hidden layers through repeated listens.

Each year, they dedicate months at a time to set aside their lives and write and record music deep in the woods of Cedar, BC. They live in the studio and immerse themselves in the process of making music. They’re very particular about the fidelity and character of every aspect of a production, sometimes spending days refining individual elements.

The band consists of:
Alex Maunders
Brennan Doyle (Haley Blais, Diamond Cafe)
Ritchie Hemphill (Bronfree Films)
Shilo Preshyon
Trevor Lang (Haley Blais, Tango Lima)